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Crop Support And Mulch Film

Our Crop Support and Mulch Film is designed to provide excellent support to your crops while also improving overall productivity. The support structure helps plants grow upright, preventing them from bending or breaking under their weight. Additionally, the mulch film acts as a protective layer, reducing weed growth, conserving moisture, and regulating soil temperature. Furthermore, customers don't have to go anywhere for bulk amounts as we are making them available across all parts of India at profitable cost. 

Crop Support and Mulch Film Key Features:

• Provides sturdy support for plants, preventing them from bending or breaking.

• Reduces weed growth, minimizing the need for manual weeding.

• Conserves moisture by preventing evaporation from the soil surface.

• Regulates soil temperature, creating a favorable growing environment.

• Durable and long-lasting construction ensures a reliable performance.

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